Reaction Capabilities

  • Chiral Induction & Chiral Separation
  • Cryogenic reactions at Kg scale
  •  Multi-step synthesis – 22 step process developed & standardized up to Kg scale
  • Azidation reactions; Sonogashira Coupling reactions; Hydrogenation reactions
  • Wittig reactions; Suzuki Coupling reactions; Heck reactions;
  • Pyrazines; Hydrazides; Benzimidazoles; Tetrazoles; Pyrrolopyrazines; Related heterocycles

In-House Expertise

  • Multi-step chemical process development capability
  • Scale-up of laboratory processes to optimized manufacturing processes
  • Dedicated Process Development Team
  • Competent IP team
  • Competent Regulatory Team

Process Development Capabilities

  • Organic transformations of wide and varied types
  • Asymmetric synthesis using chiral pool, enantio /diastereo-selective reactions
  • Development of novel/non-infringing processes for APIs
  • Synthesis, isolation and characterization of impurities


  • Analytical method development
  • Development of in-process analytical methods

Services offered under confidentiality agreement

  • Cost competitive contract manufacturing in strict adherence to operational safety as per process package and analytical method provided by the partner
  • Strategic Partner for Research & Development involving customer during the process chemistry development, based on mutually agreed document and report methodology
  • Cost competitive process development on turn key basis.